West Creek Consulting

406 Depot Street
Saint Marys, PA, 15857

Ph. (814) 594-5500
Office Hours By Appointment.  We will also come to your home or business. 
Evening & weekend appointments available at our same low rates.
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About Us - West Creek Consulting - St. Marys, PA

From Windows XP to Windows 10, Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2012, or Microsoft Office support, let West Creek Consulting’s experience work for you.   If you are looking to implement a Windows Server environment, Windows Exchange e-mail solution, Terminal Server, or Microsoft SQL server, we can help. 

In today’s ever changing technology environment, computer & network security should be one of your top priorities.  Whether it’s preventing and fighting cyber attacks or addressing file & network security concerns, we can provide you with the solutions you need. 

Let West Creek Consulting evaluate your virus, malware and spyware protection and provide sound solutions for the future.  We also offer fast and affordable virus and malware removal services, with emphasis on saving and recovering your personal files, digital photos & media, and other important documents.  

Have files on a shared computer that you’d like to limit employee access?  Let us implement a Windows Server 2012 Foundation or Essentials solution with an Active Directory environment that will allow you to setup file and folder security. 

Do you know who is using your network and internet access?  Almost half of all small businesses with wireless networks fail to have adequate security features enabled.  If yours is unsecured, it’s the same as leaving the front door unlocked all the time.   Your neighbors could be “borrowing” your internet connection or even worse, stealing your important files and data.  We can work with you to setup a wireless network security program that allows only who you want to connect to your network. 

Almost every business today, regardless of size, relies tremendously on computer technology to function.  However, most small businesses can’t afford a full-time IT staff.   That’s were West Creek Consulting comes in.  Business IT needs differ from personal computer needs and we recognize the difference.  With 15+ years business IT experience, we can be your “on-call” IT staff, providing you top level IT support that you pay for only when you need it.    

West Creek Consulting’s owner has 20 years of experience in a manufacturing environment along with a background in Accounting and Business Management.  In addition to helping your business with its IT needs, we can help with strategic planning, project management, document & report writing, cost analysis and other critical business needs. 

Why do you need West Creek Consulting?

  • We save your business money by only being there when you need us
  • Less downtime means more productivity
  • No IT employees to manage (We take care of everything)
  • Security & Peace of Mind
  • 48 hour turn-around on most non-part repairs. 
  • 24 hour emergency service and turn-around available.
  • Free "loaner" systems available for longer repairs.


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